Chiang Kai-Shek and Soong May-ling’s Official Residence in Shilin

 Address:Geographical location : No.60, Fulin Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City Longitude : 121.530152 Latitude : 25.094898
 Subject:AssetClassification : Historic Monument, AssetsLevel : National Historic Monument, Asset Type : Others



The site for Shilin Official Residence was originally a horticultural research center named "Shilin Research Center for Gardening and Horticulture ", well-known for cultivating moth orchids (Phalaenopsis Blume) at that time. In 1949 (the 38th year of ROC) Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and his wife Soong May-ling arrived in Taiwan and took up residence in the Grass Mountain Chateau located in Yangmingshan National Park. In 1950, after the horticultural center was renovated, it became their official residence. The residential house consists of two major components: Gardens and the living space. The living space occupies a two-story western-style mansion with a large reception room attached to it and an adjacent guest house. The first floor of the two-story house includes a military attache office, a parlor, a living room and a formal dining room. On the second floor are the study rooms, the situation room, and a studio where Soong practiced painting and bedrooms. In the large reception room on the north side of the house, international dignitaries were received and entertained, including former U.S. President Nixon and former US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. Located at the northwestern side of the rose garden, the Kaige Chapel (literally Victory Chapel) was where the members of the Chiang family worshiped every Sunday. The Chapel, a red-brick building, was built in 1950. Located on the top of the Fu Mountain above the official residential building is the Ciyun Pavilion. The two-story tall square pavilion was built in commemoration of Mr. Chiang’s loving mother.