The Guangfu Temple (Sanshan Guowang Temple)

 Address:Geographical location : No.150, Xinzhuang Rd.,, Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City Longitude : 121.455298437786, Latitude : 25.0355264426634
 Subject:AssetClassification : Historic Monument, AssetsLevel : National Historic Monument, Asset Type : Temple



The Guangfu Temple is situated in the bustling old district of Xin-zhuang. The temple, when first built in 1780 (the 45th year of Emperor Qianlong), was originally named Sanshan Guowang temple, literally meaning the Temple of Three Mountain Kings. They are the host deities worshipped in the temple, who are believed to be the protectors of the people from Chaozhou of Guangdong. The Guangfu Temple was destroyed in a fire, which started in the neighborhood, in 1882 (the 8th year of Emperor Guangxu). A Chaozhou immigrant named Chen Chao-gang proposed reconstruction in 1888. Color paintings were not applied to the temple after the reconstruction, and the temple was able to retain its original appearance, prominently displaying characteristics of antiquity. The temple was renamed the Guangfu Temple in 1936 following reconstruction. The temple has three halls and two court yards, and the roof of the front hall was made of purlins buttressed by three pillars based on the traditional San-chuan ridge style, which adopts a hip roof with elongated eaves ending in a signature swallowtail-like design. The pillars of the front hall are carved with descending dragons, while the capitals contain the engravings of the Eight Immortals. The bases are reliefs containing lutes, chests, books, and paintings, symbols of the four ancient venerable arts. A flush-gable roof with raised swallowtailed ridges sits atop the main hall. The roof truss is of timber frame which employs a technique called “san tong wu zhua” (three through beams joined by five sets of gourd shaped corbels) to bear the weight of the roof. The central hall of the rear enshrines the wives of the three mountain deities and others. The roof employs a flush gable roof, and its bearing walls are built with whitewashed sand-lime bricks manufactured in the east of Guangdong Province. The architectural technique along with materials applied to Guangfu Temple is one of distinctive features.