Taichung Railway Station

 Address:Geographical location : No.172, Sec. 1 ,Jianguo Rd., Central Dist, Taichung City Longitude : 120.68526671466, Latitude : 24.1369398915814
 Subject:AssetClassification : Historic Monument, AssetsLevel : National Historic Monument, Asset Type : Station



The Taichung Train Station was originally a one story wooden building when the North-South railway was inaugurated in 1905 (the 38th year of Meiji reign). Then in 1916 (the 6th year of Emperor Taisho), it was expanded due to rapid population growth and insufficient space. The Taichung Train Station is a brick building with high ceilings. The central bell tower has a pointed roof and is covered with copper sheets. Below the gable, a large arcaded window was embedded and embellished with elaborate ornamental beams and columns. Taichung Railway Station, hereby, was recognized as a significant landmark and architectural innovation of the city. In addition, the side towers on both sides of the building accentuate the simplicity of the roof. Its façade is characterized by white horizontal bands, forming a bright contrast against the red brick wall. Right on the capitals lay patterns of fruit that Taiwan produces abundantly, including bananas, pineapples, and bell fruits. The canopy of the platform adopts the order and ratio of classical architectural in various styles. Notably, Steel X Braced Frames, Steel Truss Arch Structures and so on.