Taipei Railway Vehicle Depot

 Address:Geographical location : No.48, Sec. 5, Civic Blvd., , Xinyi Dist, Taipei City Longitude : 121.563142, Latitude : 25.047006
 Subject:AssetClassification : Historic Monument, AssetsLevel : National Historic Monument, Asset Type : Industrial Facilities



Taipei Railway Workshop, formerly referred to as the Taipei Railway Factory, is operated by Taiwan Railways Administration and was constructed in 1930 (the fifth year of the Showa period). In 1935, it began to function on the site in what is currently known as Songshan District. Certain machinery equipment was moved from the Taipei Railway Machinery Manufacturing Plant, which is located on Hegoutou Street outside Beimen (Northern Gate). The design of Taipei Railway Factory was entrusted to Japanese National Railways. The supervision of the construction procedure was undertaken by Ujiki Takeo, a technician from the Improvement Division Ministry of Railway Affairs. The construction project was outsourced to a consortium, the Okuragumi Shokai Company. Upon its completion, it consisted of eighteen factories and accessory buildings allocated to maintain a variety of vehicles. From 1959 to 1968, additional plants such as: paint & coating, diesel-electric locomotive maintenance, steel production were built consecutively until the operation was transferred to the TRA Fugang Vehicle Depot in 2013. The Taipei Railway Workshop aims to preserve railway maintenance techniques and its very historic site. Consequently, its cultural heritage is displayed through exhibits on architectural and civil-engineering facilities, equipment, historical documents and archives, railway maintenance techniques…etc. This building further stimulates Taiwanese creativity by generating intangible cultural value.